Gout Disease and Treatment Process

Gout, referred to as the disease of kings or the disease of the rich, may be a severe rheumatic disease that led to the death of sultans. Gout, also called drop disease, is considered as a metabolic disease, although it's included within the category of rheumatic diseases. The disease, which is more common in men, can negatively affect an individual's work and social life.


What is Gout?

Gout could be a type of inflammation that causes pain, swelling, tenderness and heat within the joints. It manifests itself within the style of swelling, redness, tenderness, sudden and severe pain within the joints. It's usually characterized by joint pain of the large toe. Leg joints (foot, ankle and knee) are the foremost affected places in gout.


Attacks of gout can occur suddenly. Gout can wake the person up with a burning sensation within the toe, most of the time within the middle of the night. The affected joint area is hotter, swollen and really sensitive compared to other areas.

Gout, which usually affects one joint within the first attacks, may spread to many of them after a long time. The large toe is among the foremost commonly affected areas, but in gout it's going to affect other joints within the leg (knee, ankle, foot) and arms (hand, wrist and elbow) to a lesser extent. Gout is never seen to affect the spine.


Gout attacks, which are seen once or several times a year within the period of play, may become more frequent within the following periods and will be seen several times a year. At the identical time, gout attacks can occur in numerous joints or recur within the same joints.


Gout attacks may become more frequent over time and will spread to the joints. It can cause more serious effects on the symptoms seen with the frequency of gout attacks.


Treatment Methods

Gout could be a treatable and controllable disease. The symptoms of gout can improve markedly, usually within 24 hours of starting treatment. counting on the chance factors, acid levels within the blood are lowered by addressing changeable situations and may be supported by a change in lifestyle.


Drugs utilized in the treatment of gout help to scale back acid by preventing gout attack. Thus, future gout attacks are prevented. The sort of treatment prescribed for gout may vary depending on the person's age, the kind of medication they're taking, kidney function, general health, and other problems.


Treatment Choice in Gout Treatment

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce pain and severity of attacks.
  • Other treatment methods can be adopted in line with possible side effects.
  • If there is nephrosis, cardiomyopathy, diabetes, ulcer disease, a history of stomach or intestinal bleeding, or other chronic conditions, the treatment of gout is adjusted accordingly.