Gallbladder Cancer Surgery

Gallbladder Cancer Surgery


Cancer begins when cells reproduce abnormally. Cells that multiply uncontrollably turn into tumors over time and cause cancer in the area where they are located. Gallbladder cancer occurs when the cells in the patient's gallbladder multiply and form a tumor in the organ.

Although most types of cancer are treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, surgery is generally recommended for gallbladder cancer. The patient is operated according to the size, risks and location of the tumor.


Types of Gallbladder Cancer Surgery

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy: It is an operation performed in cases where the risk of cancer is high or the gallbladder is problematic, although there is no gallbladder cancer. It is an operation that is also known as bloodless surgery among the people. A small incision is made in the patient's abdomen. With a device with a camera on the tip, the patient's abdomen is entered and the gallbladder is easily reached with the help of imaging. The gallbladder is removed through a single hole.

Although the operation may seem simple, there is a risk of damaging other organs, so it is important that the surgeon specializes in his field. In risky cases, open surgery is preferred.


Open cholecystectomy: This surgery is preferred in cases where laparoscopic surgery is insufficient. Open surgery is generally preferred for cancer patients. Open surgery is mandatory if there is a risk of cancerous tissue remaining in the patient's body or other organs, or the gallbladder cannot be removed without damaging other organs.

A deep incision is made in the patient's abdomen, many organs are visible, and the gallbladder is carefully removed.


Extended (radical) cholecystectomy: For some cancer patients, removal of the gallbladder is not sufficient because the risk of cancer recurrence is high or the cancer has spread to surrounding tissues and organs. In this case, it is necessary to take a piece from the surrounding organs along with the gallbladder. This surgery is called an extended cholecytectomy. It is done with an open incision.