What is Truebeam?

Cancer, the disease of our age, causes hundreds of thousands of people to use radiotherapy devices every day. Today, these devices work on the principle of "targeted irradiation". In this way, it focuses on the cancerous area and reduces the damage to healthy areas. With the developing radiotherapy and radiosurgery technology, the treatment of cancer patients is getting perfect day by day..


The TrueBeam device, in which many radiotherapy techniques can be used together, is the tool of radiotherapy that provides the most diverse treatment possibilities.. The device enables the treatment of lung, liver and breast cancer to be treated more effectively and quickly.

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What is Trubeam Cancer treatment?

The TrueBeam radiotherapy system is used in cancer types that require respiratory monitoring such as lung, liver and breast cancer. TruBeam device uses all techniques in previously used radiotherapy systems.


What kind of radiotherapy method is Trubeam?

The Truebeam radiotherapy system is a technology also known as a linear accelerator. It uses four different radiotherapy techniques: SRT, SRS, Rapidarc and IMRT with IGRT.


  • IMRT: Radiotherapy irradiation with intensity adjustment
  • RAPIDARIC: Volumetric, volumetric rotational irradiation
  • SRT: Targeted irradiation with multiple sessions
  • SRS: Targeted irradiation in a single session


This device, which can apply the four different techniques we mentioned above, provides that the treatment takes place in a shorter time and gives faster results. Treatments that take about 30 minutes in traditional radiotherapy techniques are reduced to 2 minutes. And also, radiotherapy sessions up to 40 sessions can be completed in a maximum of 5 sessions.


How does TrueBeam therapy work?

  • The device rotates around the patient, so it can deliver the prescribed dose from any angle.
  • Sensibility is measured by making shots smaller than one millimeter.
  • With the respiratory tracking method, the beams can focuse ton the target.
  • A multi-leaf collimator or MLC is used to shape the beam. The leaves shape the beam according to the 3-dimensional shape of the tumor.
  • It is a moving system. This feature can detect tumors that move with respiration and focus the rays to the center of the target.
  • It uses 25% less X-rays than previous Varian technology. In this way, the patient is exposed to less radiation.
  • Computer imaging is performed throughout the treatment. In this way, doctors can follow the tumor.
  • TrueBeam can dose 2 times faster than other radiotherapy technologies.