Let's Examine the Hemorrhoid Treatment Methods Together
  • 25 March, 2022

Let's Examine the Hemorrhoid Treatment Methods Together

Hemorrhoid Treatment Methods

It is important that the hemorrhoid disease is applied by a specialist physician, taking under consideration the scale of the disease. Relief is achieved with treatment methods like a diet program which will be easily recommended to the person, a warm water bathing tub and medications or creams given within the presence of a doctor in hemorrhoids noticed at the first degree.


However, it should be known that methods like drugs and creams provide a temporary soothing effect to the person. When these treatment methods, which block the symptoms of the disease, are discontinued, the pain recurs, especially in advanced stage hemorrhoids, and therefore the dimensions of the disease progress. the consequences of those methods, which are used per the stage of the disease, also decrease.


Today, operative and non-surgical treatment options are available within the treatment of hemorrhoids. Within the classical surgical treatment under anesthesia, called hemorrhoid surgery, the hemorrhoid breasts located within the breech are cut and removed. Then, the tissues of the world where the cutting is completed are stitched. During this method, which features a high level of pain and pain, the person is put to sleep by giving narcosis. Within the surgery, healthy tissues also are damaged thanks to the incision and suture application. After this surgery, which needs hospitalization, it takes a minimum of 20 days for the patient to endure the surgical wounds and return to his lifestyle. Since it's often difficult to keep the wound clean, the patient often needs dressings. Since there's a risk of infection of the injuries, hemorrhoid patients seek different methods.


The non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment method that we apply in our center provides a good advantage to people at this time. you'll be able to have your hemorrhoids treated on an outpatient basis, without the necessity for hospitalization, by our specialist physicians within the field of proctology and our experienced healthcare team, similar to having a dental filling. Within the non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids performed under anesthesia, no incisions or stitches are applied. It's performed during a short time and there's no risk of infection within the area since there's no tissue damage like surgery. During this way, recovery is achieved within a short time.