Why Turkey

Why Turkey

Why Turkey

Why You Should Prefer Turkey for Health Tourism

When it comes to health tourism, Turkey stands out as one of the popular countries that draw attention. Both “medical tourists” who come to our country for getting treatment and “patients who get services within the scope of health tourism” due to appearance of sudden health issues are considered within the health tourism.

Knowing the answers to questions like what health tourism is and how to do health tourism, comprehending the process completely and having innovative attitude will increase Turkey’s preferability.

Why Turkey?

Service quality, low-cost advantage, being competent, cultural heritage, and department diversity in the medical field and such factors are among the elements that make Turkey preferable.

Treatment Opportunity in Accredited Health Institutions

People do their research about the clinics’ treatment areas and competencies of the medical clinics. Healthcare accreditation identifies healthcare facilities’ examination and evaluation process according to formal standards done by an independent institution. The entire process from medical care management to service quality and patient safety are taken into consideration. Health tourism institutions in Turkey have accreditation certificates and this is one of the important motivations for foreign patients to choose this country.

Low-Cost Treatment Opportunity

Since lots of healthcare services cost so much, patients search for more affordable medical care facilities. Contrary to many countries, Turkey's high-quality healthcare services are much lower, and this makes Turkey more tempting for tourists’ perspective. In addition to these, factors such as accommodation, medicine, and transportation costs are also advantageous.

Geographical Location Advantage

Turkey’s geographical position allows many people easy access to the country from diverse geographies of the world. The strategic advantage of the location has evolved to encourage medical tourism. International and national airline transportation infrastructure makes it easier to travel for foreign patients. Turkey is one of the best places for people who don’t want to travel for long hours.

Getting a Treatment in a Shorter Period of Time

Turkey provides a very good alternative for those who do not want to travel for long periods of time and do not want to wait for a long time to be treated. In our country, medical tourists can get treatments without waiting for a long time. And thus, following the treatment process, patients can return to their countries in a short time.

World-Class Service Options

Healthcare infrastructure and the sense of specialized service that can lead foreign patients not to think about anything but focus on regaining their health is highly developed in Turkey. Greeting patients who travel to another country for medical care from the airport, transferring them to residence destination, arranging their lodging, getting them treated, and helping them to return to their country processes are planned meticulously.

Historical, Natural and Cultural Wealth

Turkey health tourism industry looks at the patient's recovery process from a broad perspective. Our country has the opportunities that will enable the patients to go away from the hospital environment during the treatment process, to benefit from the healing power of nature, and to help them feel psychological well-being. Having been home to various civilizations, Turkey presents more than a treatment to its guests and is privileged in many respects, especially in medical tourism.