Cyst of Spine

Cyst of Spine


Cysts are generally harmless formations, they can appear all over the body for different reasons.

However, these formations can become harmful depending on which organ they are in, their size and behavior. An example of harmful cysts are cysts on the spine that press on neighboring organs.

Cysts of spine  form tissue within the spinal canal and usually compress nerve roots.

There are two important types of these cysts: Ganglion cyst and synovial cyst. These cysts can cause attrition and degeneration in the spine. Ganglion cysts can grow in any direction within the spinal canal, while synovial cysts grow outward and usually do not show any symptoms.


What causes a cyst of spine?

The reason for the formation of spinal cysts is not much different from other cysts. Cysts in the body may be present from birth or may occur later. Cysts that form later may develop due to diseases, wounds and inflammations in the spine. Worn spinal bones cause cell proliferation in the joint capsule and cysts form in these areas. In addition, joint inflammations also play a role in the formation of cysts.


Symptoms of Cyst of Spine?

Spinal cysts show more symptoms if they grow in the spinal canal. When these cysts reach a few millimeters in size, they show symptoms similar to spinal hernia symptoms. In addition, most cysts can cause symptoms in other organs. If it compresses a nerve related to another organ, it causes numbness and pain in that organ. General symptoms of a spinal cyst include:

  • Persistent pain
  • Symptoms resembling a hernia symptom
  • Pain and numbness in the limbs
  • Pain and numbness in the neck and shoulder
  • Pain and numbness in the back area
  • Pain when moving


Treatment of Spinal Cysts

Two different methods can be preferred in the treatment of spinal cysts. Treatments are preferred to reduce symptoms or eliminate cysts.

If treatment is applied to reduce symptoms, cortisone injection is given and medicines are prescribed.  However, this does not provide an end to diseases and cysts. Pain experienced with medicibe may recur when drug use is terminated. If the cysts are emptied with drugs, after a while, fluid accumulates in the cysts again.

Surgery and microsurgical operations are required for the complete elimination of spinal cysts. In this way, the complaints caused by the cyst are quickly eliminated.