Health Tourism in Turkey

Health Tourism in Turkey

Health Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the first places that draw attention with its location, historical background, transportation opportunities, and also with its healthcare infrastructure and medical facilities. Turkey also delivers good quality service to its patients with medical specialists, high-tech equipment-supported hospitals, and healthcare workers.

Affordable prices and the quality of medical management are one of the main factors that make Turkey popular in the medical tourism sector. Turkey, the world’s among the most visited countries in the field of medicine, continues to increase its health tourism volume ratio, number of tourists, and hospital facilities.

The fact that the departments within the hospitals offer a wide range of healthcare delivery services makes Turkey distinctive on its own. In addition to that, in our country, medical tourism means more than just treatment. Including meet-and-greet, accommodation, and vacation many special additional features are offered to the guests.

What is Health Tourism?

Traveling from one country to another for treatment defines the scope of health tourism and those who travel for the purpose of medical care are called health tourists. All trips for living a healthy life can be evaluated under the health tourism title.

What are the Types of Health Tourism?

Although travels to different countries with the intention of healthy living are included in health tourism, the scope of the sector is categorized under 4 topics, these are:

  • Medical Tourism,
  • 3rd age tourism,
  • Accessible Tourism,
  • Thermal Tourism.

Each department that has been developed to provide maximum benefit to patients is managed by healthcare providers and with the support of new generation facilities.

Why Should You Choose Turkey for Health Tourism?

Turkey, as the phrase goes, is one of the countries that shape and lead health tourism. We offer lots of advantages altogether, while many others are advantageous in certain aspects. For example, while some countries may be preferred due to either geographical position or quality of service or else tourism facilities, Turkey embodies all these opportunities. In many countries, the cost of the health tourism process, from treatment to accommodation, is very high. In Turkey, however, medical tourism expenses are much lower. The combination of many factors, including innovative methods used for treatments, new medical technologies, medical specialists, location and accommodation advantages, historical and cultural background, thermal resource richness continues to attract health tourists.