Kidney Cancer Surgery

Kidney Cancer Surgery


One of the most effective methods in the treatment of kidney cancer is surgery. Open incision, laparoscopic surgery or robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery methods can be used in surgical operations to remove the cancerous tumor from the kidney.

Kidney cancer surgery is not a preferred method for every patient. In addition, how the surgery will be performed and which method will be preferred are decided according to factors such as the size of the tumor, the patient's health status, and the technological facilities of the hospital applied.


Kidney Cancer To Whom?

For a kidney cancer patient to be treated with surgery, various conditions must be met. If we think during and after the operation, every operation carries various risks. In kidney cancer surgeries, the patient's kidneys are intervened or a part of the kidney is removed. In other words, the surgery includes various risks for the future life of the patient. For this reason, the process is handled with precision.

For some patients, radiotherapy or chemotherapy is considered appropriate.


Types of Kidney Cancer Surgery

Kidney cancer surgery can be done in three different ways. Radical nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy, or repeated kidney cancer surgery. Which surgery will be performed is decided according to the size and location of the tumor.

Partial Nephrectomy: Partial nephrectomy is also known as kidney-sparing surgery. This surgery is performed by separating the kidney and the tumor. The tumor is separated from the kidney and no part is lost from the kidney. Any of the open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery methods can be operated.

Radical nephrectomy: In radical nephrectomy surgery, it is necessary to remove one of the kidneys to save the patient from the cancerous tumor. The surgery is usually performed by laparoscopic surgery. However, in some cases, open surgery may be preferred.

Recurrent kidney cancer surgery: Some kidney cancer patients need multiple surgeries. This is because the cancer recurs after the first surgery. It is often seen that the cancer reappears in areas adjacent to the kidney. Therefore, a surgical team consisting of different disciplines is required.