State of the art DHI Therapy
  • 25 March, 2022

State of the art DHI Therapy

Hair loss can occur for many reasons. Genetic predisposition to baldness, stress, accident, use of wrong products… Hair thinning, which is generally tried to be improved with cosmetic and dermatological products, often does not provide improvement. However, thanks to the developing technology, people who experience baldness or regional baldness can achieve new hair with many different techniques.

DHI technique is a hair transplant procedure using cutting-edge tools. FUE is similar to many techniques such as Sapphire, but a different pen is used during hair transplantation in DHI technique.


How is DHI Performed?

  • - The procedure applied in the DHI technique is the same as the other procedures. Hair grafts are taken from the donor area and placed one by one on the sparse area.
  • - Local anesthesia is given to the patient.
  • - Hair transplant specialists using the DHI technique use hollow pens with a spring mechanism. When the pen is dipped into the scalp after stretching, the spring pushes the pen tip and the graft settles under the scalp.
  • - The pens can be used for both fine and coarse hair.
  • - Thanks to the spring mechanism, the slopes of the hair can be adjusted proportionally.
  • - DHI technique shows the highest success in the transplantation of thin hair.
  • - Before hair transplantation, the patient does not need to shave.