Let's Learn About Cataract Symptoms
  • 24 March, 2022

Let's Learn About Cataract Symptoms

What are the symptoms of cataract?

Symptoms usually appear with advancing age. it should not show any symptoms within the initial period. The clouding of the lens of the attention increases day by day and this can be noticed by others. Commonly, the vision is unclear, blurry, smoky and hazy. In some cases, spots may appear in areas where vision isn't clear; In cases where the sunshine is just too much or insufficient, vision may deteriorate more. Cataracts can cause colors to become paler and fewer sharp. Reading newspapers and books, watching television and driving becomes tougher. Rarely, vision defects may occur, or a halo may appear around strong light sources within the dark, like a lamp or car headlight. another symptoms are:

  • - Inability to work out far and near

  • - Complaints from light and glare

  • - Deterioration of vision on sunny days

  • - Blurred vision

  • - Difficult and pale perception of colors

  • - Eyestrain and headache

  • - Frequent change of glasses number

  • - Decreased need for glasses

  • - Better visual sense without glasses

  • - Decreased vision

  • - Loss of sense of depth